Meet the chefs

The soul of our kitchen is determined by our team of talented chefs, headed by patron-cuisinier Edwin Kats.


Edwin Kats

Edwin learned the profession from renowned top chefs, worked with the finest products and gained experience worldwide with the most sophisticated flavors … and he combines this all at restaurant Noble. Here he allows his guests to become acquainted in a surprising manner with the authentic characteristics of international cuisine. However, he also has a ‘guilty pleasure’: chocolate, in all its forms …


Lars albers

Since the beginning, Lars has been one of Noble’s great tastemakers. He is passionate about working with the finest pure products. That doesn’t always have to be something exotic; give him tomato or chive and Lars can turn any dish into a work of art. His favourite dish? It’s difficult for a connoisseur, such as he is, to choose. In the end, he chooses a simple plate of fried rice (but superbly made, of course).


Lars van der Hoeven

For Lars, it’s all about passion, pleasure and perfection … day in, day out. He finds satisfaction in creating a perfect balance of tastes. Mastery is mandatory. Creativity is compulsory. And he’s always up for an Indian curry, as long as it’s a perfect blend of sweet and sour and bitter and spicy.

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